What Our Customers Say

Herman Arruda

Electrical supply for residential/commercial, they carry used and new materials for any size job.

Alex Flockhart

Bought a hard to find electrical plug for $20 when Gerry electric wanted $110. Had everything I was looking for.

Randy Thompson

You need anything industrial electrical this place has it. New used great selection.

Greg Kilner

Staff are always very helpfull. Good range of new and used electrical products for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Tim Cronkwright

Helpful staff, great option to buy used products to save money. Great store, lots of stock.


Ty and his staff are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. With a large variety of selection EMC is definitely the go to for all your electrical supplies!

Daniel Moscardini

Very friendly and helpful staff, willing to help you look for whatever it is you need and you can not beat their pricing, especially for panel upgrades.

Lydia Andres

Amazing service, clean, full of excellent products; its a huge warehouse full of electrical supplies. Diamond in the rough. Definitely go here before going to Home Hardware or Lowes or Rona (which is around the corner anyway).

Jonathan Reid

Lots of inventory, good prices but most importantly great service. I had got a fan I bought here installed and it was much louder than it was supposed to be, I took the faulty one to exchange under warranty and they didn’t have the same model in stock, they upgraded the model, i tried to…

Aaron Hintzsche

Great place to get your electrical supplies. Don’t go to big box hardware store. Rather stop here to support local small business. Great service and very knowledgeable.

Scott Payette

They had my needle in a hay stack, an old part for my breaker box that I couldn’t find at any other place in Hamilton. The service was amazing. I will always go back here in the future.

Darren Czarnogorski

Fantastic place to find old breakers that are no longer available. Many used pieces of equipment including disconnects that you can purchase at a reduced price. They also have some overstock new items that can also be purchased at a reduced price. On countless occasions this place saved me from replacing a perfectly good panel…